Looking Ahead
After the Lock Down

URGENT - Owing to the current national situation and the rising numbers of covid-19 cases it is with great sadness that the Church services scheduled for10th & 17th January in St Ayle, Cellardyke and Crail have been cancelled, but a Zoom service will start from the 10th.

We are glad to announce the details of our Sunday services for this period. On the dates marked with an asterisk * there will be a mixture of live and pre-recorded worship.

Jan  17          Zoom Service - Crail

      24          @ Anstruther

      31          @ Anstruther *

Feb   7          @ Cellardyke

      14          @ Cellardyke *

      21          @ Anstruther

      28          @ Anstruther *

Mar  7          @ Cellardyke

      14          @ Cellardyke *

      21          @ Anstruther

      28          @ Anstruther *

As places are currently limited to a maximum of 35 persons in Anstruther and 50 in Cellardyke bookings MUST be made in advance by contacting:

Linda on 07751 017982 or Elizabeth on 07702 276038 on the Wednesday or Thursday each week between 10am and 12 noon.

Those unable to book a place by reason of the limit having been reached will be given priority for the next service.

If you have any queries please call Linda or Elizabeth or email on linda.ednie@btinternet.com or edickson636@aol.com



As we are unable to meet in one another's homes at present, John is starting a new prayer meeting on Thursday 5th November in St Ayle in Anstruther from 10-11am.  All are welcome.

A note from the Life & Work Team

During this challenging period, Life and Work is committed to helping keep our Christian community connected and so we have made the May 2020 issue available on our website. This can be accessed by visiting 


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