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 Guild Syllabus 2022 - 2023 

Guild meetings are back, every other Monday from 9/1/23 @ 2:00pm.


26 September


10 October


24 October


7 November


21 November


5 December


19 December


From the

9 January

23 January

6 February

20 February

6 March

20 March

27 March


Guild Opening Meeting

  Rev Hugh Wallace

Lake Como  Italy

  Andy and Val Johnson

The Vine Trust Guild Project

  Robert Alexander, Vine Trust

The Brontes of Haworth

  Brenda Graham

Chimwemwe Children's Centre

  Amanda Fleet

East Neuk First Responders

  Gillian Duncan

Christmas Meeting
  Alison and Elizabeth 

new time of 2:00pm

Rev Jane Baron

Guild Project – Beat

  Kerry Coull


Mission Aviation Fellowship
  Andy Martin

The Fife Pilgrim Way

  Prof Ian Bradley

Guide Dogs

  Danny Rooney

History of the Fife Folk Museum

  Andrew Johnson

Guild AGM

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