Audio of the Induction of John Murray on July 10th 2020.

Warm greetings to you all in Crail and St Ayle.


It is a privilege to be called as your new minister.  Much water has passed under the bridge since I preached as sole nominee back in January!  Who would have guessed at that journey?

We are all being called to surf the waves of uncertainty, conscious that there are strong currents around us which we cannot control.  Yet this remains: we have the choice to decide that we will show up in the world with faith, hope and love, rejoicing in the goodness of God in challenging times.

As I was pondering what to say to you all, there drifted into my ears, a lovely melody.  Music has a language beyond words, as has art, and indeed creation itself.  But this melody I heard also has words, and here are some of them:

The love of God comes close
Where stands an open door
To let the stranger in,
To mingle rich and poor:
The love of God is here to stay
Embracing those who walk his way.

The joy of God comes close
Where faith encounters fears,
Where heights and depths of life
Are found through smiles and tears:
The joy of God is here to stay
Embracing those who walk his way.      (Words by John Bell and Graham Maule)


And here is a link to the hymn, played in a church in the Gower peninsula, Wales.


God coming close to us as we walk along life’s way, with God watching over our comings and our goings.  There is no better way to journey on together.


My best wishes to you all.  



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